Charity Shop Challenge

Charity Shop Challenge

Each week the team go out and spend no more than £1 on a CD of their choice with the aim to find a song that they believe you will want to vote for. To take park each week and choice your favourite listen live on Radio Frimley Park, Monday from 8pm, and vote via our Facebook page or tweet @bentillettshow with #CSChallenge.

The Current Leader Board - 2019

Rank Name Wins
1 Paul 4
2 Ed 4
3 Ben 1
4 Penny 0
= Blake 0

Last Years Results - 2018

Rank Name Wins
1 Paul 14
2 Ed 8
3 Ben 7
4 Penny 2
= Blake 2

The Rules

  1. The CD must cost no more than £1
  2. It must be bought from a charity shop (this should be a shop which is owned or operated by a registered charity)
  3. No CD can be entered more than once
  4. It must be suitable for Hospital Radio (radio edits, no swearing or inappropriate content)
  5. 2 Points are allocated for every vote on the wards (via Quiz sheets or Hospedia units) and 1 Point for every vote via Facebook, Email or Twitter.
  6. The song which receives the most points gets to be played on-air in full
  7. In the event of a tie all the top scoring songs are played

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